Friday, April 4, 2008

Me, "G", and Hepa-C

I got maybe 3 hours of sleep before going to work yesterday. I did the usual, and counter-acted it with lots of caffeine, but by the end of the shift, I was getting really tired. I was removing an IV from a patient who was using a butterfly needle (we normally use regular angio's). So, I took out the needle and, without thinking, I started to wrap up the tubing along with all the other stuff we usually wrap up (which normally includes the plastic catheter at the end, not a needle) and stuck myself in the process. It was a small puncture, but enough to make me bleed some. I told LH (co-worker) about it, and she said "Please tell me it was NOT Mrs. [so & so]". I told her that it was. She said "FUCK!". Now, LH never swears, so I knew for sure something was terribly wrong. Yes, Mrs. So & So has hepatitis-c. I went to the ER, but they told me that there really was no point in doing blood tests until about 2 weeks when the antibodies show up if I have it. I'm staying positive for the most part, but it was not something I needed especially with all the other shit I have going on. I guess I'll find out in a couple weeks. I really don't think there was enough blood for actual transmission.

When I got home, I had a package waiting for me. Yup, it was my "skiing passes" from Mr. X. Of course, in my state of mind I immediately locked myself in my room and did some lines. There was not that much, but enough to get me to lose a lot of inhibition. I started watching some porn, but I could not get my mind off of sex with a man. I went online and found someone who was partying with "G". I had done that shit before and it was ok, so I took the offer. It was pretty much a lesser repeat of what happened last time I went to party here. I got really tired fast (no shit!), and the "G" just was not any match for my beloved White Devil. I left earlier than planned. On my way home, the guy I partied with last time called me and asked if I wanted to go over there and that he had some lines for us. I actually declined (after much consideration). I figured I REALLY needed to get some sleep. Yea, I got like 2 fucking hours - great! So, here's my insomniac-ass again writing and turning my wheels. What a day.


Michelle said...

Hep C isn't the end of the world. I got it from a needle like 2 years ago (although I'll admit I stuck myself deliberately) and I'm never sick from that at all. I can even drink, well not now cause I'm preggo but it's not cause of my liver. What is G? Is that meth?

Coke Addiction Kinda Sucks said...

No, I don't do meth anymore. I just don't like the way I feel afterwards (and sometimes even during). "G" is some shit you drink (it comes in a bottle and you mix it with kool-aid, juice, or whatever). I forgot the actual name, but I think it's that "date rape drug" or something like it.

Neely said...

hep c is transmissable even by blood you can't see, don't need hardly any blood at all, little something i learnt in rehab. spewin' for you. you might not catch it.